Letter of Service Recovery

Dear Mr Bennert,

Thank you for taking the time to share your valued feedback with us.

I regret to learn about the challenges that you encountered during your stay with us. Kindly allow me to assure you that we will certainly continue to strive to enhance the quality of our offerings and service touch points in order to serve you better, as well as monitor ways to better manage our partnerships with our online travel agents. Please also allow me to assure you that it is never our intention to cause any of our guests unnecessary stress or inconvenience when accessing the Sands SkyPark infinity pool.

We will need to check with Agoda regarding the breakfast arrangement and will contact you again within 5 working days with a follow up on the refund. I hope that this experience will not deter you from visiting us again and I look forward to the opportunity to welcome you back to Jupiter Hotel for a more successful stay.

Thank you.


Guest Service Agent

Jupiter Hotel

(163 words) / Revised



3 thoughts on “Letter of Service Recovery

  1. Commented by Chantel, Jo, and Xian Da

    Some points to take note:
    1. In the last paragraph, you mentioned MBS, but in your signature, you quoted Jupiter Hotel. So just wondering which hotel are you working for?
    2. We feel that the word ‘investigate’ may sound intimidating for the guest. An alternative word to replace with would be ‘check’ or ‘liaise’.

    Finally, some points worth commending are:
    1. The tone of the email is formal and professional.
    2. Opening and ending of email are short and sweet, good job!


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